A series of in-depth, comprehensive classes exploring major whisky categories, hosted by Stuart MacLean Ramsay at Portland’s Paramount Hotel.  Each class is three hours long (with a food break provided by the Swank & Swine restaurant), and will cover the history, culture, production methods, and flavor profiles of the whisky category.  At least five classic whiskies will be sampled per class, representing regional and production styles, and every participant will receive a whisky booklet related to the class. Ramsay’s own WhiskyBack beers, designed to pair with whisky, will be integral to the experience.

LOCATION:  The Lewis Room in the Paramount Hotel (one floor above the Swank & Swine restaurant) 808 SW Taylor Street, Portland.

Class One: Scotch Whisky January 15, 2017 2 – 5pm
Class Two: American Whiskey January 29th, 2017 2 – 5pm
Class Three: Irish & Japanese Whisky February 12th 2 – 5pm
Class Four: Cascadia Craft Whiskey February 26th 2- 5pm

COST: $80 per class; $290 for all four
Registration and pre-paymentrequired
Phone: 503-805-6763

Whisky Classes