Class Descriptions for Spring, 2017

Scotch Whisky class, May 21st: History and Culture of Scotch. The origins of whisky making in Scotland. Birth of the Blends. Difference between blended Scotch and Single Malt Scotch. Production of Scotch. The Whisky Regions: Speyside, Lowland, Highland, Islay and Campbeltown. Sampling and analysis of blended whisky and regional single malt whisky styles.

Bourbon & Rye Whiskey class, May 28th: History and Culture of American whiskey. The origins of whiskey in America. Rye whiskey and Bourbon whiskey. Production methods. Wheat-based Bourbons, Rye-based Bourbons, Small Batch Bourbons, Single Barrels & Cask Strength Whiskey. Sampling and analysis of American whiskey styles.

Location: Sidecar 11, 3955 N. Mississippi Avenue, Portland. OR 97227

Time: Noon - 2pm

Cost per class: $55


*See Schedule for payment and reservations